Developing AIESEC’s Mobile App in 6 months.

AIESEC is a global non-profit run by youth providing leadership opportunities to young people through exchange experiences.

At that time our digital ecosystem consisted of our platform at, which facilitates the sign-up and on-boarding process and allows our customers to find & apply to opportunities and track their applications’ statuses.

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Virtual Agile Teams

In my role as VP Information Technology of the German national office of AIESEC, I was leading a team of 4 software developers who were living spread around Germany.

It was common among my predecessors to recruit developers from within AIESEC’s 1500+ local volunteers. For most of the volunteers, this was their opportunity to work on their first real-life projects. As an NGO, we did not have the resources to recruit a professional development agency. Our volunteers work 10–20 hours a week.

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Getting things Done — Agile

I have always considered myself as someone who can get things done. Over the past years, I have refined my methods as my workload increased and the type of work I was doing became more managerial and strategical.

In the past week, I have been working on my Scrum Certification and as I was studying the concepts, I realized that I was practically doing scrum every day of my life; the process I had created for myself was mirroring the events and guidelines from Scrum and other agile methodologies.

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