Crazy Product Asia

Title: How to get started or pivot your career into product management.

Link: Spotify

Services Provided: Joined in a talk with Kit Neoh about people can get started in product management based on my own experience coming from a background in Biology and starting out in project management.

PM School

Talk: Why Communication for PMs is not only a Soft Skill

Link: Presentation

Services Provided: Talking about how product managers can operationalize their soft-skill of communication and utilize tools to improve their stakeholder management.

Omar Issa

Topic: Just having started as product owner, Omar was seeking guidance on effective tools and concepts in product management to excel in his new role.

Testimonial: “Laurin is a great mentor! He has an impressive flow of thoughts that makes one think outside of the box. He is very attentive to details and puts effort into understanding your background and customizes his knowledge to your needs.”

How to make sure recruiters see your CV

People told me I was lucky when I got my dream job at Fave as Product Manager a year ago. After all, Anisha, a fellow AIESEC and whom I am connected to, works there as Head of People. They thought, she was able to refer me, and that’s how I was easily able to get the job. In reality, I didn’t know Anisha before I started applying. The message I sent to her went like this:

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Why your product roadmap should not be a Gantt chart.

My introduction to roadmapping at my first product management job was a painful one. I came into AIESEC’s global office as a new product manager with little experience and thus took “how it was done” at face value, not questioning it. Every six months, there was a major organization-wide conference, where all new product developments would be introduced and downscaled to the organization’s national offices. Buy-in and education to country managers would happen at this touchpoint. It was common knowledge that if you didn’t release your new features there, it would be very hard to downscale and implement them.

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Does Jira really suck?

Recently I went to a Product Manager Meetup and I couldn’t help but notice that throughout the conversations almost everyone present complained about how much Jira sucks at least once – including myself. Yet again, everyone is using it, including myself and it’s definitely not for a lack of alternatives available on the market. So I was reflecting on the tools that I work with on an everyday basis for my work at Educatly and noticed that Jira is invaluable to us – because we learned to use it for its strength which is allowing engineers to collaborate in an agile project – and for everything else we integrated Jira with Google Sheets!

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Mohamed Fadel

Project: Personal Website


Services Provided: Support in bringing up low-cost easy-to-use WordPress powered website.


“Following the guides provided here proved to be as simple as can be. Clear. To the point. And easy. Would recommend for anyone! Laurin quickly jumps in and solves any problems when needed.”